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A customer has a Unified VNX field installed in their rack. All documentation materials included in the original shipment
are stored in the rack. Which item from the original package can be used to verify and label cabling prior to an FRU
replacement procedure?
A. The Installation Guide
B. The packing list
C. The Resource CD
D. The unpacking instructions
Correct Answer: A

After installing a MCx VNX for a new EMC customer, the system admin asks where the latest VNX documentation can
be found. What is the correct location?
A. support.emc.com
B. powerlink.emc.com
C. supportinfo.emc.com
D. elabadvisor.emc.com
Correct Answer: A

In a VNX for File system, what is connected to the Control Station Eth1 port?
A. Secondary Control Station
B. Primary DM MGMT network
C. Secondary DM MGMT network
D. Customer Network for MGMT
Correct Answer: A

Performing an FRU replacement on a Unified VNX requires managing the ConnectHome system. Which user can check
and change configuration settings for ConnectHome using the CLI on a Control Station?
A. root only
B. sysadmin
C. root or nasadmin D. nasadmin only
Correct Answer: A

What IP address is assigned to the eth3 interface on a Control Station?
A. IP address for the A management network
B. IP address for the B management network
C. Public IP address for the customer\’s network
D. IP address for the peer Control Station
Correct Answer: C

How would you connect to an SP in a degraded state to retrieve SPCollects?
A. RemotelyAnywhere
B. Unisphere
C. HyperTerminal or PuTTY
D. Unisphere Client
Correct Answer: A

From where can you download VNX software?
A. EMC Services Partner website
B. EMC FTP site
C. Engineering website
D. Procedure Generator
Correct Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit.

passitdump e20-690 exam question

What is the IP address of the indicated network?
Correct Answer: A

Which resource is required for all VNX activities performed by EMC and Partner personnel?
A. Simple VNX Support Matrix
B. Host Connectivity Guide
C. VNX Procedure Generator
D. Interoperability Matrices
Correct Answer: C

While at a customer\’s site, you need access to a VNX Storage Processor on IP address You want to use
RemotelyAnywhere but does not open the login screen.
Which port needs to be added to the URL?
A. 9519
B. 443
C. 80
D. 119

Correct Answer: A

Which details can be determined when viewing a specific event within the andquot;current alertsandquot; page?
A. The storage system that generated the alert The severity type The domain where the storage system resides
B. The number of incidents for the type of alert The severity type The domain where the storage system resides
C. The number of incidents for the type of alert The storage system that generated the alert The domain where the
storage system resides
D. The number of incidents for the type of alert The storage system that generated the alert The severity type
Correct Answer: A

During a VNX gateway manual installation you are registering Data Mover initiators on the VNX Block back-end array.
Which 8-byte WWN is the initiator for Data Mover 2 HBA 0?
A. 5006016036A00190
B. 5006016136A00190
C. 5006016836A00190
D. 5006016936A00190
Correct Answer: A

Which system check is performed during the installation of a VNX File Unified system?
A. Cable check
B. SMTP validation
C. Modem test
D. DNS resolution
Correct Answer: C

In addition to VNX Installation Assistant, what other tools and methods are available for VNX registration?
A. Unisphere, Standalone Registration Wizard
B. VNX Installation Toolkit, Standalone Registration Wizard
C. System Reports Wizard, VNX Installation Toolkit
D. Unisphere, System Reports Wizard Correct Answer: A

Which software tool is used for initializing, registering, and basic configuration of new VNX for File/Unified platforms?
A. VNX Installation Assistant
B. Unisphere Storage System Initialization Wizard
C. E-Lab Advisor
D. Unisphere Service Manager
Correct Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit.

passitdump e20-690 exam question

From the highlighted information in the picture, which type of I/O module is represented?
A. 4 port 1G Base T iSCSI
B. 4 port 8G FC
C. 4 port 8Gb copper ethernet
D. 4 port FCoE
Correct Answer: A

Your customer contacts you about an illuminated hardware \’fault\’ LED on a VNX LCC component. Using ESRS, you
access the system with Unisphere and determine that the faulted LCC component needs to be replaced.
How would you obtain the LCC part number for ordering a new replacement part?
A. Use the SolVe Desktop tool and view the specific VNX model parts guide.
B. Access the Alerts section in Unisphere and locate the specific alert for the faulted LCC.
C. Launch Unisphere Service Manager and perform a system verification operation.
D. Access the Hardware for File section of Unisphere and locate the faulted LCC.
Correct Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit.
You are onsite to replace a faulted Data Mover within a VNX8000 and note the following:
The storage administrators have received alerts that Server_6 has faulted but Server_6 now appears online.
Server_3 is configured as a standby for Server_2
Server_7 is configured as a standby for Server_6
Which slot in the diagram contains the active data mover Server_6?
A. Server_7
B. Server_6
C. Server_2
D. Server_3
Correct Answer: A

You have completed a VNX Unified installation and are now verifying the configuration. You notice that the
ConnectHome configuration is incorrect. You attempt to correct parameters using the CLI and are denied access. What
could be the problem?
A. Not logged in as the root user
B. Not logged in as the sysadmin
C. Not logged in as nasadmin
D. Not logged in as administrator
Correct Answer: A

Which operations can you perform with VNX Installation Assistant?
A. Create RAID groups, storage groups, and LUNs
B. Configure LUN masking for non-VNX host access
C. Configure SnapSure and replication
D. Configure MirrorView and SnapView
Correct Answer: A

When using USM\’s Capture Diagnostic Data feature, where are the files automatically stored upon completion of this
A. They are in the C:\EMC\repository folder located on the system running USM.
B. They are automatically uploaded to EMC support if the system is registered.
C. The user is prompted to either view them or upload them to EMC if ConnectHome is configured.
D. They are automatically stored in the repository located on the VNX vault drives.
Correct Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit.

passitdump e20-690 exam question

Which connection is indicated by the number 7 in this VNX SPE Management Module?
A. Serial Console B. Serial (unused)
C. Service port
D. Serial Management
Correct Answer: A

Which storage subsystems can be directly connected to a VNX gateway through Fibre Channel?
A. CLARiiON and Symmetrix only
B. CLARiiON and VNX only
C. Symmetrix, CLARiiON, and VNX
D. Symmetrix and VNX only
Correct Answer: B

You are an EMC service provider and want to install the ESRS IP client solution. The workstation on which you want to
install this software is on a network with a proxy server. What information must you provide in order to be able to install
the solution?
A. You must provide your proxy server IP address and the array IP address.
B. Service partners are not allowed to install the ESRS IP client at a customer site.
C. You must provide your Powerlink SecurID credentials and the proxy configuration.
D. You must provide the array serial number and the proxy configuration.
Correct Answer: C

You are upgrading the VNX OE for File to a new version and choose to reboot the Data Movers during the upgrade.
How long will the users lose access to their files?
A. Access is lost for a time estimated by the USM tool.
B. Access is lost for two minutes.
C. Access to the files is never lost.
D. Access is lost for a time estimated by the HealthCheck tool.
Correct Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit.

passitdump e20-690 exam question

Which letter refers to the SPSs?
A. D
B. B
C. C
D. A
Correct Answer: A

Which condition must be met before starting the Unisphere Storage System Initialization Utility?
A. Computer used for the installation is on the same subnet as the storage system
B. Computer used for the installation is on the same subnet as the VNX internal network
C. Amber lights on the power supplies are blinking at 4 Hz
D. Blue lights on the Storage Processors are blinking at 1 Hz
Correct Answer: A


In which folder can the SPcollects be found when accessing a storage processor through Remotely Anywhere?
A. c:\dumps
B. c:\temp
C. c:\EMC
D. c:\NDU
Correct Answer: A

You are sent to a secure customer site to install a VNX, where the use of cell phones and mobile hot spots is prohibited.
When you arrive you find that your VNX Installation procedure file is corrupted.
Using one of the customer\’s workstations where can a copy of the VNX installation procedure be found?
A. mydocs.emc.com/VNX
B. support.emc.com/VNX
C. emc.com/engineering/VNX
D. powerlink.emc.com/VNX
Correct Answer: A

You have just replaced a defective component in a Data Mover. Which command can be run to verify the system returns
no errors?
A. # /nas/bin/nas_checkup
B. # /nas/bin/nas_server -info -all
C. # watch /nasmcd/getreason
D. # dmesg
Correct Answer: A

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