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In setting up PTZ control for an Axis encoder, it’s very easy to overlook a very important step in the configuration process. After properly connecting the communication wires to the encoder, the next recommended step in the setup is:
A. Downloading the correct Device ID from the Axis website
B. Setting the Baud Rate to match the analog PTZ’ s
C. Setting the Device ID to match the analog ID
D. Uploading the correct PTZ driver
Correct Answer: D

Which setting would best adjust a hard yellow tint as shown in the AX0-100 vce pictures below?
A. Image contrast
B. White balance
C. Color saturation
D. Image brightness
Correct Answer: B

Which statement is true regarding H.264 and Motion JPEG?
A. The highest bandwidth savings using H.264 compared to Motion JPEG is at high frame rates
B. Bandwidth savings using H.264 has nothing to do with frame rate, only scene complexity
C. Bandwidth savings using H.264 has nothing to do with frame rate, only Group of Video (GOV) setting
D. The highest bandwidth savings using H.264 compared to Motion JPEG is at low frame rates
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following will allow a customer to AX0-100 exam have a PTZ camera automatically change between three predefined positions?
A. Configure the camera’s I/O ports to control the preset positions
B. Use the Guard Tour capability to switch between the preset positions
C. Switch between the predefined positions using a joystick
D. Use the auto tracking capability to switch between the preset positions
Correct Answer: B

In a network surveillance installation, the purpose of a router is to
A. Forward the video stream between networks.
B. Forward the video stream to the correct receiver within a network.
C. Separate audio and video traffic to reduce audio latency.
D. Separate the video stream from the camera control signaling.
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following conditions has to be met to use multicast streaming?
A. The network infrastructure has to support multicast
B. The client has to run AXIS Camera Management or AXIS Camera Station
C. The client has to support streaming over RTSP
D. The video device needs to run on firmware version 5.20 or higher
Correct Answer: A

With Axis Coverage Shapes, the AX0-100 pdf designer can
A. See the effect of furniture or other objects blocking field of view.
B. View how varying lighting conditions affect the image.
C. Create a 3D view of the scene the camera will capture.
D. Determine at what distance a person can be identified.
Correct Answer: D

In order to comply with SMPTE standards of HDTV, the camera must meet the following:
A. Light sensitivity, aspect ratio, resolution, color fidelity
B. Aspect ratio, resolution, light sensitivity, frame rate
C. Light sensitivity, color fidelity, frame rate, aspect ratio
D. Frame rate, aspect ratio, resolution, color fidelity
Correct Answer: D

Which is true about P-iris?
A. The P-iris makes use of a novel p-shaped blade that reduces complexity and cost while maintaining image quality
B. In bright situations. P-iris limits the closing of the iris to avoid blurring caused by diffraction when the iris opening becomes too small
C. The P-iris delivers the optimal depth of field by always using the smallest possible aperture for the available lightning
D. The P-iris makes use of a novel p-shaped blade that allows the iris to react to rapidly changing lighting conditions
Correct Answer: B

Working with a retailer on a site survey, they ask if there’s any way to get more of the AX0-100 dumps aisle and less of the shelves on the short sides in the shot. An AXIS M3204 camera is being used. Which would be the best suggestion to the retailer?
A. Adjusting the varifocal lens from 2.8 mm to 10 mm
B. Adjusting the varifocal lens from 2.8 mm to 4 mm
C. Using Axis’ Corridor Format
D. Switching the camera to a 16:9 view
Correct Answer: C

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