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Consider the 1Z0-883 dumps query:
Mysql> SET @run = 15;
Mysql> EXPLAIN SELECT objective, stage, COUNT (stage) FROM iteminformation
WHERE run=@run AND objective=’7.1′
GROUP BY objective,stage
ORDER BY stage;
The iteminformation table has the following indexes;
Mysql> SHOW INDEXES FROM iteminformation:
This query is run several times in an application with different values in the 1Z0-883 exam WHERE clause in a growing data set.
What is the primary improvement that can be made for this scenario?
A. Execute the run_2 index because it has caused a conflict in the choice of key for this query.
B. Drop the run_2 index because it has caused a conflict in the choice of key for this query.
C. Do not pass a user variable in the WHERE clause because it limits the ability of the optimizer to use indexes.
D. Add an index on the objective column so that is can be used in both the WHERE and GROUP BY operations.
E. Add a composite index on (run,objective,stage) to allow the query to fully utilize an index.
Correct Answer: B

Consider typical High Availability (HA) solutions that 1Z0-883 do not use shared storage. Which three HA solutions do not use shared storage?
A. Mysql Replication
B. Distributed Replicated Block Device (DRBD) and Mysql
C. Windows Cluster and Mysql
D. Solaris Cluster and Mysql
E. Mysql NDB Cluster
Correct Answer: ACD

Which three statements are characteristic of the MEMORY storage engine?
A. Each table is represented on disk as an.frm file.
B. Each table has a corresponding.MYI and .MYD file.
C. It can support foreign keys.
D. It cannot contain text or BLOB columns.
E. Table contents are not saved if the server is restarted.
F. It can support transactions
Correct Answer: ADE

A Mysql Server has been running an existing application successfully for six months.
The my.cnf is adjusted to 1Z0-883 vce contain the following additional configuration:
The Mysql Server is restarted without error.
What effect will the new configuration have in existing accounts?
A. They will have their passwords updated on start-up to sha256_password format.
B. They will have to change their password the next time they login to the server.
C. They are not affected by this configuration change.
D. They all connect via the secure sha256_password algorithm without any configuration change.
Correct Answer: D

In a design situation, there are multiple character sets that 1Z0-883 pdf can properly encode your data.
Which three should influence your choice of character set?
A. Disk usage when storing data
B. Syntax when writing queries involving JOINS
C. Comparing the encoded data with similar columns on other tables
D. Memory usage when working with the data
E. Character set mapping index hash size
Correct Answer: CDE

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