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15Cisco Security Architecture for System Engineers (ASASE)Lead4PassUpdated on: Sep 21, 2022Aug 28, 2022
New Question 1:

Which three customer business objectives do Cisco\’s Advanced Threat solutions address? (Choose Three)

A. Lower TCO through intelligent API management

B. Visibility and control with a managed environment

C. Accelerated firewall implementation

D. Complete protection with holistic defense

E. Comprehensive support with flexible solutions

F. Secure communications with advanced access

Correct Answer: BDE

New Question 2:

What are the three major features of StealthWatch? (Choose Three)

A. Malware clustering

B. Threat-based anomaly detection

C. Netflow monitoring

D. Data Loss Prevention

E. Realtime sandboxing

F. Forensic investigation

Correct Answer: BCF

New Question 3:

What are two common seller obstacles? (Choose Two) A. Unresponsive potential customers

B. Seller competition

C. Fragmented solutions

D. Complexity of solution components

E. Overcrowded portfolios

Correct Answer: DE

New Question 4:

Which two attack vectors are protected by Malware Protection? (Choose Two)

A. Email

B. Mobile

C. Voicemail

D. Data Center

E. Web

Correct Answer: AB

New Question 5:

On average, how many days elapse before businesses discover that they have been hacked?

A. 10

B. 50

C. 30

D. 70

Correct Answer: B

New Question 6:

Which two elements does Advanced Malware Protection provide? (Choose Two)

A. advanced analytics

B. reputation analytics

C. intrusion analysis

D. dynamic URL filtering

E. dynamic data analysis

Correct Answer: BE

New Question 7:

What do Cisco NGFW fully integrated platforms offer that allow other security components to participate to achieve pervasive and consistent enforcement?

A. Context telemetry, and profiling sources

B. intelligence sources, telemetry, and shared intelligence

C. Telemetry, shared intelligence, and profiling sources

D. Context, telemetry and intelligence sources

Correct Answer: A

New Question 8:

What are two key advantages of Cisco\’s Security Solutions Portfolio? (Choose two.)

A. Cisco Security provides flexible, simple, and integrated advanced threat detection, through a multilayered approach.

B. The Cisco Security Portfolio offers realtime access control and event monitoring to drive business outcomes.

C. The Cisco Security Portfolio provides security across the entire business environment.

D. Cisco Security provides direct, simple, and balanced detection by driving customer outcomes.

E. An effective security solution portfolio can help customers overcome ever-growing security challenges.

Correct Answer: AE

New Question 9:

Which two Cisco products remediate network, cloud, and endpoint threats? (Choose two.)

A. pxGrid

B. Cisco Security Connector

C. Duo

D. Stealthwatch

E. AMP for Endpoints

Correct Answer: DE

New Question 10:

Which two products are involved in discovering classifying and verifying profiles? (Choose Two)

A. Industrial Network Director

B. Duo

C. Cisco Security Connector

D. Advanced Malware Protection

E. Identity Services Engine

Correct Answer: BE

New Question 11:

What are two reasons why perimeter-based network security is no longer sufficient? (Choose Two)

A. More users

B. More IT professionals

C. More devices

D. More networks

E. More vulnerabilities

Correct Answer: AC

New Question 12:

Which two products are involved in granting safe access to apps? (Choose Two)

A. TrustSec


C. SD-Access

D. Duo


Correct Answer: BD

New Question 13:

Which feature of ISE has the capability to encounter a device new on the market and correctly profile it to onboard it quickly and easily?

A. Context-aware access

B. Centralized policy management

C. Platform exchange grid

D. Device profiling

Correct Answer: D

New Question 14:

Which statement best embodies trust-centric security?

A. Protect users from attacks by enabling strict security policies.

B. Prevent attacks via an intelligence-based policy then detect, investigate, and remediate.

C. Verify before granting access via identity-based policies for users, devices, apps, and locations.

D. Verify before granting access via MDM software.

Correct Answer: C

New Question 15:

What are the three main solutions areas for Advanced Threat? (Choose Three)

A. Threat Defense

B. Intrusion Analytics

C. Threat Analytics

D. Network Analytics


F. Malware Protection

Correct Answer: CDF

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