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Ann, a user, is experiencing difficulty getting her IP-based security camera to function at her house after a rainstorm
that caused a power interruption. The camera has an LED light indicating it has power. Which of the following is MOST
likely the problem?
A. The power interruption caused the camera to malfunction.
B. Ann has a compatibility problem with the camera.
C. A firmware update needs to be applied to the camera.
D. Ann\\’s Internet connection and wireless router are still down.
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following would MOST likely prevent malware sent as a compromised file via email from infecting a
person\\’s computer?
A. Email previewing
B. Patching
C. Clear browsing cache
D. Kill process
Correct Answer: B

SQL databases use primary and foreign keys to enable which of the following?
A. Rows
B. Fields
C. Schemas
D. Relationships
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following database concepts would MOST likely use a CSV file?
A. Data querying
B. Data reports
C. Data importing
D. Data persistence
Correct Answer: B

An IP address is 32 bits long. If converted to bytes, it would be:
A. 4 bytes
B. 8 bytes
C. 16 bytes
D. 64 bytes
Correct Answer: A

A user wants to ensure port 3389 is open for remote desktop on a PC. Which of the following describes where the user
should verify the port is open?
A. Antivirus
B. Anti-malware
C. Device Manager
D. Host firewall
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following is a reason why complex passwords are required?
A. To encourage password variety
B. To prevent someone from guessing them
C. To make them harder to remember
D. To reduce social engineering attacks
Correct Answer: B

A systems administrator wants to run a script at a certain time every day. Which of the following is the BEST way to
achieve this?
A. Perform process management.
B. Perform task scheduling.
C. Set the system date and time.
D. Set a reminder to run the script.
Correct Answer: B

When developing a game, a developer creates a boss object that has the ability to jump. Which of the following
What programming concepts does jump represent?
A. Method
B. Object
C. Property
D. Attribute
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following is a value that uniquely identifies a database record?
A. Foreign key
B. Public key
C. Primary key
D. Private key
Correct Answer: C

A user revisits a website and receives a message that the site may not be secure. The user is prompted to click a link to
continue to the site. Which of the following would MOST likely identify the issue?
A. Checking the proxy settings
B. Checking that caching is enabled
C. Checking browser add-ons
D. Checking certificate validity
Correct Answer: D

Given the following pseudocode:comptia fc0-u61 certification exam q12

If the Breakfast program ran on Sunday, which of the following would be the output?
A. Oatmeal
B. Bacon and eggs
C. Waffles
D. Pancakes
Correct Answer: C

A remote user, who is working from home, requires significant bandwidth to connect to the corporate systems. Which of
the following types of Internet service connections would BEST meet the user\\’s needs?
A. T1 line
B. Satellite
C. Fiber optic
Correct Answer: C

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