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CompTIA Cloud+ Certification Exam “CV0-003”. CompTIA Cloud+ has been developed for a long time, from the earliest CV0-001 to CV0-002 to the present CV0-003. CV0-003 is the latest updated exam code in 2021.
CV0-001 has retired very early, and you can now take the CV0-002 and CV0-003 certification exams.

The names of the CompTIA Cloud+ exam codes are similar, but there are some differences. I will list their differences, and share the latest CV0-003 exam questions. All free exam questions come from Lead4Pass.

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“CompTIA Cloud+ (CV0-002) reflects an emphasis on incorporating and managing cloud technologies as part of broader systems operations. It assumes a candidate will weave together solutions that meet specific business needs and work in a variety of different industries. It includes new technologies to support the changing cloud market as more organizations depend on cloud-based technologies to run mission-critical systems, now that hybrid and multi-cloud have become the norm.”


“CompTIA Cloud+ is validates the skills needed to deploy and automate secure cloud environments that support the high availability of business systems and data.”

From the description, you can see some differences and the history of CompTIA Cloud+. Next, please take the CompTIA CV0-003 exam test.

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A systems administrator in a large enterprise needs to alter the configuration of one of the finance department\\’s
database servers. Which of the following should the administrator perform FIRST?

A. Capacity planning
B. Change management
C. Backups
D. Patching



A system administrator is migrating a bare-metal server to the cloud. Which of the following types of migration should
the systems administrator perform to accomplish this task?

A. V2V
B. V2P
C. P2P
D. P2V



A systems administrator for an e-commerce company will be migrating the company\\’s main website to a cloud
provider. The principal requirement is that the website must be highly available.
Which of the following will BEST address this requirement?

A. Vertical scaling
B. A server cluster
C. Redundant switches
D. A next-generation firewall



The CASB report indicates several unsanctioned SaaS applications are being used in an organization. Which of the
following is the MOST likely cause?

A. VPN bypass
B. Shadow IT
C. Web proxy bypass
D. CAB approval



A global web-hosting company is concerned about the availability of its platform during an upcoming event. Web traffic is forecasted to increase substantially during the next week.
The site contains mainly static content.
Which of the following solutions will assist with the increased workload?

A. DoH




A resource pool in a cloud tenant has 90 GB of memory and 120 cores. The cloud administrator needs to maintain a
30% buffer for resources for optimal performance of the hypervisor. Which of the following would allow for the maximum number of two-core machines with equal memory?

A. 30 VMs, 3GB of memory
B. 40 VMs, 1,5GB of memory
C. 45 VMs, 2 GB of memory
D. 60 VMs, 1 GB of memory



A systems administrator notices that a piece of networking equipment is about to reach its end of support. Which of the following actions should the administrator recommend?

A. Update the firmware
B. Migrate the equipment to the cloud
C. Update the OS
D. Replace the equipment



A cloud administrator has finished setting up an application that will use RDP to connect. During testing, users
experience a connection timeout error. Which of the following will MOST likely solve the issue?

A. Checking user passwords
B. Configuring QoS rules
C. Enforcing TLS authentication
D. Opening TCP port 3389




A cloud administrator checked out the deployment scripts used to deploy the sandbox environment to a public cloud
provider. The administrator modified the script to add an application load balancer in front of the web-based front-end
application. The administrator next used the script to recreate a new sandbox environment successfully, and the
application was then using the new load balancer.
The following week, a new update was required to add more front-end servers to the sandbox environment. A second
administrator made the necessary changes and checked out the deployment scripts. The second administrator then ran
the script, but the application load balancer was missing from the new deployment.
Which of the following is the MOST likely reason for this issue?

A. The license limit on the number of server deployments allowed per month was exceeded
B. The deployment script changes made by the first administrator were not checked in and committed
C. The new server images were incompatible with the application load-balancer configuration
D. The application load balancer exceeded the maximum number of servers it could use



Which of the following would be the BEST option for discussion of what individuals should do in an incident response or disaster recovery scenario?

A. A business continuity plan
B. Incident response/disaster recovery documentation
C. A tabletop exercise
D. A root cause analysis



A cloud administrator updates the syslog forwarder configuration on a local server in production to use a different port. The development team is no longer receiving the audit logs from that server. However, the security team can retrieve and search the logs for the same server. Which of the following is MOST likely the issue?

A. The development team is not looking at the correct server when querying for the logs.
B. The security team has greater permissions than the development team.
C. The audit logging service has been disabled on the server.
D. The development team\\’s syslog server is configured to listen on the wrong port.



A VDI administrator has received reports from the drafting department that rendering is slower than normal. Which of
the following should the administrator check FIRST to optimize the performance of the VDI infrastructure?

C. Storage
D. Memory




Which of the following is a hardening technique that an administrator would perform when creating a standard VM
template that would be used for deploying servers in a production environment?

A. Create a standard user account
B. Disable unneeded services
C. Establish a performance baseline
D. Follow change management process

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Complete CompTIA CV0-003 dumps: (Total Questions: 187 Q&A)

CompTIA CV0-003 Exam PDF free download

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CompTIA Cloud+ has been developed for many years. This is a very mature IT certification program, so getting CompTIA Cloud+ certification is something to be proud of, and to help you set foot on the top of the industry. CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-003 It is a new and important project launched in 2021. Get the latest and effective exam questions here to help you improve your exam skills, and choose Lead4Pass to help you successfully pass the exam.