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An administrator needs to create a shared directory in which all users are able, write, and execute its content but none
of the regular users are able to delete any content. Which of the following permissions should be applied to this shared
A. rwxrwxrwt
B. rwxrwxrws
C. rwxrwxrwx
D. rwxrwxrw*
Correct Answer: C


A Linux administrator wants to obtain a list of files and subdirectories in the /etc directory that contain the word
“services”. Once the files and subdirectories are discovered, they should be listed alphabetically in the
/var/tmp/foundservices file. Which of the following shell scripts will accomplish this task?
A. #/bin/bashfind /etc –name services | sort > /var/tmp/foundservices
B. #/bin/bashlocate /etc –sort –name services > /var/tmp/foundservices
C. #/bin/bashfind –name services –sort /var/tmp/foundservices
Correct Answer: B


Which of the following commands would show the default printer on a Linux system?
A. lpr
B. lpq
C. lpstat
D. lspci
Correct Answer: B
Reference: https://superuser.com/questions/123576/show-default-linux-printer


An administrator notices a directory on a web server named /var/www/html/old_reports that should no longer be
accessible on the web. Which of the following commands will accomplish this task?
A. chmod 000 /var/www/html/old_reports
B. chgrp root /var/www/html/old_reports
C. chown apache /var/www/html/old_reports
D. setenforce apache /var/www/html/old_reports
Correct Answer: D


A Linux administrator needs to switch from text mode to GUI. Which of the following run levels will start the GUI by
A. Runlevel 3
B. Runlevel 4
C. Runlevel 5 D. Runlevel 6
Correct Answer: C
Reference: http://www.linfo.org/runlevel_def.html


The lead Linux has added a disk, /dev/sdd, to a VM that is running out of disk space. Place the following steps in the
correct order from first (1) to last (4) to add the disk to the existing LVM.
Select and Place:

[2021.3] lead4pass xk0-004 practice test q6

Correct Answer:

[2021.3] lead4pass xk0-004 practice test q6-1


A junior Linux administrator is installing a new application with CPU architecture requirements that have the following
specifications: x64 bit 3.0GHz speed Minimum quad-core The administrator wants to leverage existing equipment but is
unsure whether the requirements of these systems are adequate. The administrator issues the following command
cat/proc/cpuinfo. The output of the command is as follows:[2021.3] lead4pass xk0-004 practice test q7

Which of the following is the recommended course of action the administrator should take based on this output?
A. Install the application, as the system meets the application requirements
B. Procure new equipment that matches the recommended specifications
C. Recompile the Linux kernel to support the installation.
D. Reconfigure lib modules to support the new application.
Correct Answer: A


After starting a long-running script, a systems administrator needs to verify the frequency of what is filling up the /var
partition and kill it because it is consuming too much space. Which of the following is the correct sequence given only a
terminal is available?

A. 1. CTRL-C2. bg3. watch df /var4. CTRL-C5. fg6. CTRL-Z
B. 1. CTRL-C2. fg3. watch df /var4. CTRL-Z5. bg6. CTRL-Z
C. 1. CTRL-Z2. bg3. watch df /var4. CTRL-C5. fg6. CTRL-C
D. 1. CTRL-Z2. bg3. watch df /var4. CTRL-Z5. fg6. CTRL-C
Correct Answer: D


A Linux administrator needs to schedule a cron job to run at 1:15 p.m. every Friday to report the amount of free disk
space on the system and to send the output to a file named “freespace”. Which of the following would meet this
A. 13 15 * * 5 df > /freespace
B. 15 13 * * 5 df > /freespace
C. 15 1 * * 6 df > /freespace
D. 15 13 6 * * df > /freespace
Correct Answer: A


Joe, a member of the accounting group on a Linux system, is unable to write a file called “taxes” in the accounting
shared directory. The ownership and permissions on the directory and file are as follows: accounting drwxrw-r– user =
ann, group = accounting taxes -rw-r–r– , user = ann, group = accounting
Which of the following commands would allow Joe to write to the file? (Choose two.)
A. chmod g+x accounting
B. chmod 777 taxes
C. chgrp taxes accounting
D. chgrp accounting taxes
E. chmod 774 accounting
F. chmod u+x accounting
Correct Answer: AF
Reference: https://www.pluralsight.com/blog/it-ops/linux-file-permissions


A junior Linux administrator needs to ensure service will start on system boot. Which of the following commands
should be used to accomplish this task?
A. chkconfig on
B. systemctl bootup
C. service enable
D. crontab install
Correct Answer: A
Reference: https://geekflare.com/how-to-auto-start-services-on-boot-in-linux/


A systems administrator is enabling quotas on the /home directory of a Linux server. The administrator makes the
appropriate edits to the /etc/fstab file and attempts to issue the commands to enable quotas on the desired directory.
However, the administrator receives an error message stating the filesystem does not support quotas. Which of the
following commands should the administrator perform to proceed?
A. mount o remount /home
B. quotacheck -cg
C. edquota /home
D. quotaon /home
Correct Answer: D
Reference: https://www.tecmint.com/set-filesystem-disk-quotas-on-ubuntu/


A networked has been crashing intermittently. A Linux administrator would like to write a shell script that will attempt to
ping the server and email an alert if the server fails to respond. The script will later be scheduled via cron job. Which of
the following scripts would BEST accomplish this task?[2021.3] lead4pass xk0-004 practice test q13

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D
Correct Answer: D

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