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A company provides IaaS services. Which of the following disk provisioning models for creating standard template
should the company use to provision virtual instances?

A. Thin disk

B. SCSI disk

C. SATA disk

D. Thick disk



Which of the following are types of storage media? (Select two.)



C. Tape





After deploying multiple copies of database servers, data scrambling is started on them to anonymize user data. A few
minutes later, the systems administrator receives multiple complaints regarding the performance of other VMs. CPU and memory have been eliminated as possible bottlenecks.

Which of the following should be verified NEXT as a possible bottleneck?

A. Storage array

B. Database drivers

C. Hardware load balancer

D. Internet connection speed



Implementing a process in a change management system takes place after:

A. rigorous peer review.

B. consultation with the vendor.

C. initial test in a sandbox.

D. approval by the CAB.



An administrator is tasked with the virtualization of all database management applications. Which of the following should the administrator do FIRST to ensure that database performance will be optimal?

A. Follow the recommendations of the database management application vendor.

B. Design a physical to virtual migration plan of the application.

C. Adhere to the recommendations of the virtualization software vendor.

D. Develop a migration plan to the new environment, ensuring maximum uptime.



Users are reporting slow performance on a virtual server. An administrator notices that the virtual CPU is at 50%. Which
of the following should the administrator check on the host?

A. I/O throttling

B. CPU wait time

C. Swap files

D. Memory ballooning



A cloud administrator reports a problem with the maximum number of users reached in one of the pools. There are ten
VMs in the pool, each with a software capacity to handle ten users. Based on the dashboard metrics, 15% of the
incoming new service requests are failing.

Which of the following is the BEST approach to resolve the issue?

A. Check compute, storage, and networking utilization in the dashboard and increase capacity by adding more

B. Check current licensed capacity and purchase additional licenses to add more users.

C. Check the DHCP scope and increase the number of available IP addresses by extending the pool.

D. Check the rate-of-load increase to determine if the cloud capacity boundary has been exceeded and enable bursting
to the pubic cloud.



A company hired a consultant to diagnose and report performance issues of an application hosted on an IaaS, three-tier application. The cloud administrator must provision only the access required by the consultant to complete the job.

Which of the following resource configurations should be applied to the consultant\\’s account? (Choose two.)

A. Read/write access to the load balancer and its configuration settings

B. Administrator account on the resources in that region

C. Read/write access to the cloud compute resources

D. Read-only access to the server OS logs

E. Read-only access to the cloud resource diagnostic logs

F. Administrator account in the server OS



A VM was successfully tested in a lab environment. As part of the deployment preparation, the image needs to be
backed up for use in the multi-rollout accompanied by orchestration templates.

Which of the following should be used to create the image?

A. Snapshot

B. Replica

C. Full

D. Clone



The IT department receives a client request to build multiple file server instances. Which of the following is the MOST
efficient way for a cloud systems administrator to fulfill this request?

A. Build file server instances with the OEM DVD

B. Restore a file server base image from backup

C. Use the file server template to build the file server instances

D. Build the server instances using a boot from a SAN image



The administrator of virtual infrastructure needs to provision block storage for a virtual machine on which a business
critical application will be installed. Considering performance, which of the following describes how the administrator
should attach the storage to the VM?

A. Using NFS

B. Using CIFS

C. Using IPv6

D. Using iSCSI



A new host has been bought to be a part of a new cluster. The purchase order specifies this server has four physical
CPUs with eight cores each. After the administrator boots the host, there are only 24 logical processors available for VM allocation.

Which of the following BEST describes this problem?

A. The server requires a firmware upgrade to version 8.2

B. The BIOS does not have virtualization support features completely enabled

C. The virtualization license is not the enterprise edition

D. A CPU is dead on arrival or disabled on the motherboard



A cloud engineer is upgrading a high-performance computing cluster for the private cloud. The existing cluster is being replaced with GPU servers. A single GPU server is capable of the same teraflops output as 10 CPU servers. The
current cluster configuration is as follows:

1.100 quad-core CPU servers capable of producing 100 teraflops.
2.The baseline and current usage is 100%.

The new cluster was set up and benchmarked in four different configurations. Which of the following configurations will meet the baseline teraflops performance of the cluster while maintaining the current usage?

A. 1 GPU server, 80 CPU servers

B. 2 GPU servers, 50 CPU servers

C. 5 GPU servers, 40 CPU servers

D. 9 GPU servers, 10 CPU servers

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A server hosting file shares is an example of which of the following types of storage?
Correct Answer: B


A company moved its on-premises applications to several SaaS providers. As a result, the security team is concerned
about accounts being compromised. Which of the following should the security tem implement to reduce this risk?
A. Multifactor authentication
B. Single sign-on
C. Federation
D. Role-based access control
E. Virtual private network
Correct Answer: D


A company is interested in a DRP. The purpose of the plan is to recover business as soon as possible. The MOST
effective technique is:
A. archiving.
B. network clustering.
C. site mirroring.
D. active/active.
Correct Answer: D


A hospital is deploying a web-based application in its private cloud to service multiple facilities in a region. This
application is used by employees of the hospital, as well as the patients and their families. Which of the following
security configurations is MOST likely to be deployed to secure the information from the application?
A. IPSec
Correct Answer: D


Based on demand, an IaaS provider wants to deploy a security application for its customers. Which of the following is
the BEST technique for the IaaS provider to apply this to target systems?
A. Vendor application
B. Scripting
C. Orchestration
D. Custom programming
Correct Answer: C


A company requires all system logs to be saved for a minimum 30 days. However, many employees are reporting
storage near capacity alerts. A cloud administrator is trying to fix and prevent this issue from happening again. Which of
the following is the BEST option?
A. Automate log deletion for logs older than 30 days. This job should run every day to clean up.
B. Automate archiving of the logs older than 30 days, and create a scheduled job to clean up daily logs older than 30
C. Automate migration of the log archiving storage to offline backup, and create a job to check and delete logs every 30
D. Automate the clearing of the logs older than 30 days, and add more capacity to the log file storage.
Correct Answer: A


The development team of an e-commerce organization is migrating its code libraries to a public IaaS cloud provider, and
the security policy states that source code must use multiple security controls to secure and restrict access. Which of
the following combinations of controls would be BEST to meet the requirements?
A. Use directory federation across the organization for all users and biometric access on the developers\\’ laptop instead
of VPN.
B. Use VPN and two-factor authentication for the developers to access the online repositories for remote developers.
C. Use SSO across the organization and an existing data loss prevention solution to prevent code repository leakage.
D. Use a third-party CASB solution that sets policies to detect potential compromise of code libraries.
Correct Answer: B


A cloud administrator is securing an application hosted by an IaaS provider. The operating system on the VM has been
updated. Which of the following should the administrator use to BEST secure the VM from attacks against vulnerable
services regardless of operating system?
A. Firewall
B. Antivirus
C. Intrusion detection
D. Patch management
Correct Answer: C


An organization allows clients to retrieve information on earthquake events. This is a description of which of the
following classifications?
A. XaaS
B. DaaS
C. CaaS
D. SaaS
Correct Answer: A


A financial services company has a requirement to keep backups on premises for 30 days and off-site for up to seven
years to a location that is within 100mi (161km) of the primary datacenter location. Recovery times for backups kept onsite have an RTO of one hour, while recovery times for backups kept off-site have an RTO of four hours. Which of the
following solutions BEST solves this requirement?
A. Implement a full-based backup and recovery solution for backups within 30 days or less. For backups kept longer
than 30 days, migrate them to a cloud provider that will host the data within 100mi (161km) of the financial services
company\\’s primary datacenter.
B. Implement a clone-based backup and recovery solution for backups within 30 days or less. For backups kept longer
than 30 days, migrate them to a cloud provider that will host the data within 100mi (161km) of the financial services
company\\’s primary datacenter.
C. Implement an incremental-based backup and recovery solution for backups within 30 days or less. For backups kept
longer than 30 days, migrate them to a cloud provider that will host the data within 62mi (100km) of the financial
services company\\’s primary datacenter.
D. Implement a snapshot-based backup and recovery solution for backups within 30 days or less. For backups kept
longer than 30 days, migrate them to a cloud provider that will host the data within 100mi (161km) of the financial
services company\\’s primary datacenter.
Correct Answer: B


A cloud engineer is migrating an application running on an on-premises server to a SaaS solution. The cloud engineer
has validated the SaaS solution, as well as created and tested a migration plan. Which of the following should the cloud
engineer do before performing the migration? (Choose two.)
A. Document in the change management database.
B. Document the test findings.
C. Gain approval from the CAB.
D. Create a rollback plan.
E. Submit a request for change.
F. Agree upon a change windows.
G. Establish a plan of action.
Correct Answer: DG


A company has just established a new branch office that needs to connect back to centrally hosted applications for day
to day operations. The branch office has noted that access to many company services are slow and causing a drop in
productivity. The company IT department has investigated a plan to improve performance across the link to the branch
office without having to pay for more bandwidth from the Internet Service Provider. This plan includes hardware that
after installation will allow for much faster access to day to day business applications. Which of the following terms
BEST describes the action taken by the IT department?
A. LAN optimization
B. WAN optimization
C. Load balancing
D. Bandwidth compression
Correct Answer: B


A recent advertisement campaign has increased traffic to an e-commerce application that is hosted within a public cloud
environment. Customers are reporting that it takes too long to load their pages and submit orders. A cloud administrator
looks at the metrics from the environment and sees high utilization of the CPU and memory resources. The cloud
provider offers several preconfigured sizes for server template: x-small, small, medium, large, x-large, and 2x-large.comptia cv0-002 exam questions q13

Given an expected increase in workload, which of the following is the BEST solution to improve application
A. Change the server template size for Inxpc003 to 2x-large.
B. Provision additional Inxpc servers using the 2x-large template.
C. Add memory to Inxpc002, Inxpc003, and Inxpc003.
D. Change the role of Inxw001 from web to application.
Correct Answer: A


A cloud administrator for a state government agency is tasked with giving access to the voter registration application to
a government agency in another state. Only authorized officials from each state should access the application. These
agencies have a common environment where applications have been deployed in the past. Which of the following
should the cloud administrator do to give access to the application?
A. Deploy part of the application into a public cloud and establish secure connections to a private cloud environment.
B. Deploy the application to a community cloud that is shared with multiple state government agencies only.
C. Deploy the application to a public cloud and implement ACLs and security access policies to limit access.
D. Deploy the application to the state\\’s private cloud and give authentication credentials to the other state\\’s
authorized officials.
Correct Answer: C

A cloud engineer is required to ensure all servers in the cloud environment meet requirements for PCI compliance. One
of the requirements is to make certain all administrator logins and commands are logged. Which of the following is the
BEST approach to meet these requirements?
A. Enable configuration change tracking for all servers in the public cloud provider\\’s dashboard.
B. Enable detailed monitoring for all servers in the public cloud provider\\’s dashboard.
C. Define and enable audit tracking rules on each server in the public cloud environment.
D. Modify the cloud provider\\’s role-based authorization policies to log user session activity.
Correct Answer: A

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A storage appliance has lost all network access. Which of the following network access methods could a storage
engineer use to investigate and correct the issue?
B. Console port
Correct Answer: D

A company is implementing a private cloud infrastructure and is testing its high availability components. In a planned
outage test, all systems will be shut down sequentially. Which of the following would be the LAST area to shut down?
A. Offsite mirror
B. Networking
C. Hypervisors
D. Storage
Correct Answer: C

A cloud administrator has finished building a virtual server template in a public cloud environment. The administrator is
now cloning six servers from that template. Each server is configured with one private IP address and one public IP
address. After starting the server instances, the cloud administrator notices that two of the servers do not have a public
IP address. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?
A. The maximum number of public IP addresses has already been reached.
B. The two servers are not attached to the correct public subnet.
C. There is no Internet gateway configured in the cloud environment.
D. The two servers do not have enough virtual network adapters attached.
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following contributes to increased read access performance on a fibre channel SAN?
A. Zoning
B. Clustered storage
C. Caching
D. QoS
Correct Answer: C

An organization wants to create a server VM that is segregated from the rest of the servers. Which of the following
should the server administrator configure?
A. Virtual NIC
B. Trunk port
C. Virtual memory
D. VPN connection
Correct Answer: A

When a customer requests a VM to perform at higher levels the administrator should (Select two):
A. increase the VMs vRAM.
B. increase RAM on the host.
C. migrate the VM to a faster online host.
D. increase the VMs vCPU count.
E. increase disk space.
Correct Answer: AD

A system has the ability to automatically provision additional virtual servers in response to a load increase. This is an
example of which of the following cloud features?
A. Replication
B. Resource Pooling
C. Orchestration
D. Virtual Network
Correct Answer: D

A virtual machine snapshot is:
A. a backup copy of the virtual machine.
B. a revertible point in time of the virtual machine.
C. an exact copy of the virtual machine.
D. an image of the virtual machine.
Correct Answer: B

After a recent outage going unnoticed, an administrator has been tasked to configure monitoring for the Linux-based
and Windows-based host operating systems in a hybrid cloud. Which of the following services should the administrator
confirm are functional prior to employing centralized monitoring to both types of operating systems? (Select two.)
A. Syslog services
B. Cron services
C. Web services
D. Task Manager services
E. WMI services
Correct Answer: AB

A cloud administrator is given a requirement to maintain a copy of all system logs for seven years. All servers are
deployed in a public cloud provider\\’s environment. Which of the following is the MOST cost-efficient solution for
retaining these logs?
A. Create a long-term storage repository at the cloud provider. Have all logs copied to the cloud storage device.
B. Schedule a nightly job on each server to archive all logs. Copy them to a compressed drive on the server.
C. Configure SMTP services on each server and schedule a nightly job to email the logs to the cloud administrator
team\\’s email account.
D. Configure a nightly job on each server to copy all logs to a single server. Schedule a job on the server to archive
those logs into a compressed drive.
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following server types would be an ideal candidate for virtualization? (Select two.)
A. Hypervisor
B. Terminal server
C. Mail server
D. Enterprise database server
E. Domain controller
Correct Answer: CD

Which of the following would be used to establish a dedicated connection in a hybrid cloud environment?
Correct Answer: D

An administrator needs to test that a service is responding to external requests. Which of the following tools can be
used to accomplish this task?
A. ping
B. tracert/traceroute
C. telnet
D. ipconfig/ifconfig
Correct Answer: B

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