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Which of the following devices is used to implement network security policies for an environment?
A. Firewall
B. managed switch
C. Repeater
D. Gateway
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following is a common use tor NAT?
A. Automatically assigning network addresses
B. Hiding the network portion of an IPv4 address
C. Connecting multiple devices through a single public IP address
D. Resolving alphanumeric names to addresses
Correct Answer: A

A technician creates a VM in a public cloud to test a new application and then deletes the VM when finished. Which of
Does the following BEST describe this type of cloud environment?
A. Community
B. Elastic
C. Hybrid
D. On-demand
Correct Answer: D

A technician is building a CAD workstation for a user who will be saving files remotely.
Which of the following components are MOST important to include when configuring the system? (Choose two.)
A. Gigabit NIC
B. Graphics card
C. Liquid cooling unit
D. HDD size
Correct Answer: BE

Which of the following is the main purpose of the +5VSB output of a power supply?
A. It allows peripherals to draw power when the machine is off
B. It provides power to the audio and soundboards of the machine
C. It acts as the main voltage supply to the motherboard and processor
D. It powers all expansion cards and external device hubs
Correct Answer: A

A developer downloaded and installed a new VM on a hypervisor to test a piece of software following the
release of an OS patch. After installing the VM. the developer is unable to download updates from the
Which of the following should the developer check?
A. The hypervisor\\’s security configurations
B. The organization\\’s security policies
C. The guest OS network settings
D. The resource requirements
Correct Answer: C

A user\\’s smartphone has been slow recently. A technician sees the phone was purchased two months ago, and it is
top of the line. About a month ago, a new OS update was installed. To address the issue, the technician runs a
hardware diagnostic on the device and it reports no problems. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause of the
performance issue on the device?
A. Too many applications are running updates
B. The device is currently running in airplane mode
C. The internal memory is failing on the device
D. The OS update is too resource-intensive for the device
Correct Answer: A

Joe, a user, reports that his new smart wearable device is not synchronizing to his mobile device. Both devices are
powered on, but the mobile device fails to read the data from the wearable. Which of the following will MOST likely fix
this issue?
A. Pair the devices
B. Set the SSID
C. Update the smart wearable device firmware
D. Enable NFC
Correct Answer: A

A technician is troubleshooting a network that is experiencing inconsistent connections through one of the network
drops in the board room. The technician wants to verify the integrity of the network run but needs to
identify which cable comes from the board room. However, none of the network connections in the network room are
Which of the following are the BEST tools for the technician to use to identify the correct network run to troubleshoot?
(Choose two.)
A. Cable stripper
B. Cable tester
C. Tone generator
D. WiFi analyzer
E. Multimeter
F. Probe
Correct Answer: BE

An end-user wants to have a second monitor installed on a laptop. Which of the following would allow a technician to
configure the laptop to show both screens once the cable is connected?
A. Plug an external monitor into the USB port.
B. Use the Fn and function key combination
C. Adjust the monitor display settings.
D. Enable DisplayPort.
Correct Answer: C

A technician wants the number of virtual machines hosting a web application in the public cloud environment to scale
based on real-time traffic on the website.
Which of the following should the technician configure?
A. Resource pooling
B. Rapid elasticity
C. Measured service
D. High availability
Correct Answer: B

Ann, a customer, purchased a pedometer and created an account on the manufacturer\\’s website to keep track of her
progress. Which of the following technologies will Ann MOST likely use to connect the pedometer to her desktop lo
transfer her information to the website?
A. Bluetooth
B. Infrared
D. Tethering
Correct Answer: A

A laptop is connected to a conference room projector in extended display mode. The desktop icons appear normal on
the laptop but are disproportionate and illegible on the projector screen. Which of the following should the technician
A. Video resolution
B. HDMI connection
C. Keystone
D. Focus
Correct Answer: A

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