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You are implementing a VHT-capable AP. Which one of the following channels is available in the 802.11ac amendment to the 802.11-2012 standard, which was not available in the standard before this amendment?
A. 153
B. 144
C. 161
D. 56
E. 48
Correct Answer: B
You are selecting antennas for a WLAN operating in the 5 GHz frequency band. What specifications should be evaluated for an antenna before it is implemented in this WLAN system? (Choose 3)
A. 802.11ad compatibility
B. TPC support
C. Impedance in Ohms
D. Elevation Beamwidth
E. Return Loss Rating
F. Operating Frequencies
Correct Answer: CDF

What is the intended use for the CWNA-106 WLAN hardware known as a pole or mast mount unit?
A. Mounting a lightning arrestor to a grounding rod
B. Mounting an omnidirectional antenna to a mast
C. Mounting an RF amplifier to a dipole antenna
D. Mounting a PoE injector to a perforated radome
E. Mounting an access point to a site survey tripod
Correct Answer: B

XYZ Corporation is experiencing connectivity problems with their existing building-to-building bridge link. A concrete wall on the roof of one building is partially blocking the Fresnel Zone, and the connection is dropping many frames. The administrator moves the antenna to an area not obstructed by the concrete wall and then realizes the RF cable cannot reach the new location. If an extension cable is added to move the antenna, what are the likely results?A. The data throughput rate will increase because VSWR will decrease.
B. The Equivalent Isotropically Radiated Power (EIRP) will decrease.
C. The antenna’s azimuth beamwidth will decrease.
D. The size of the Fresnel zone will increase.
E. The likelihood of a direct lightning strike will increase.
Correct Answer: B

When using an RF splitter to connect one transceiver to sector antennas loss is incurred. What is this loss called?
A. Conversion loss
B. Through loss
C. Active loss
D. Intentional loss
Correct Answer: B
What factors are taken into account when calculating the CWNA-106 Link Budget of a point-to-point outdoor WLAN bridge link?
A. Operating frequency
B. Transmit antenna gain
C. Transmit power
D. Antenna height
Correct Answer: ABC

A WLAN transmitter that emits a 200 mW signal is connected to a cable with 3 dB loss. If the cable is connected to an antenna with 10 dBi gain, what is the EIRP at the antenna element?
A. 10 dBm
B. 13 dBm
C. 20 dBm
D. 26 dBm
E. 30 dBm
Correct Answer: E

In a long-distance RF link, what statement about Fade Margin is true?
A. Fade Margin is an additional pad of signal strength designed into the RF system to compensate for unpredictable signal fading.
B. The Fade Margin of a long-distance radio link should be equivalent to the receiver’s antenna gain.
C. A Fade Margin is unnecessary on a long-distance RF link if more than 80% of the first Fresnel zone is clear of obstructions.
D. The Fade Margin is a measurement of signal loss through free space, and is a function of frequency and distance.
Correct Answer: A

Which unit of measurement is an absolute unit that is used to quantify power levels on a linear scale?
A. dBm
B. W
C. dB
D. mW
Correct Answer: A

An 802.11 WLAN transmitter that emits a 50 mW signal is connected to CWNA-106 a cable with 3 dB of loss. The cable is connected to an antenna with 16 dBi of gain.
What is the EIRP power output?A. 10 mW
B. 25 mW
C. 50 mW
D. 250 mW
E. 1000 mW
Correct Answer: E

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