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Aruba Certified Mobility Professional Exam: https://certification-learning.hpe.com/TR/datacard/Exam/HPE6-A71

This exam tests your skills with the WLAN design, deployment, and troubleshooting of Aruba Mobile First Network Solutions in complex highly available campus and branch environments. It also tests your ability to configure specialized applications, management, and security requirements for a WLAN such as UCC Voice and advanced security features.

Latest Updates HP HPE6-A71 Exam Practice Questions and Answers

A VIA client tries to initially connect to a corporate office controller through an intermediate firewall. However, the VPN
connection fails. The administrator examines the firewall rules and determines that rules for UDP 4500 and UDP 500
are configured.
Which additional protocol must be allowed in the firewall rules to resolve this connection failure?
A. TCP 22
B. UDP 8200
D. TCP 443
Correct Answer: D

An administrator supports a group of employees that connect to the corporate office using the VIA client. An Aruba
Mobility Controller (MC), behind a corporate firewall, terminates the user\\’s VPN sessions. The VPN sessions fail to
establish because of the existing firewall rules.
Which connections must the administrator allow on the firewall? (Choose three.)
A. TCP 443
B. UDP 8211
C. UDP 8202
D. UDP 500
E. UDP 4500
F. TCP 4443
Correct Answer: ADE

What can be determined from the command output shown below?braindump4it HPE6-A71 exam questions q3

A. The synchronized data is protected by VRRP.
B. The command was executed on the standby Mobility Master (MM).
C. The synchronization period is at its default value.
D. The other Mobility Master (MM) is the active license server.
Correct Answer: C

A guest establishes an authenticated wireless session to an Aruba Mobility Controller (MC). The controller uses a
ClearPass server for all AAA functions.
Which AAA component disconnects the user when the guest exceeds their allowed duration?
A. SNMP Disconnect
B. Active Directory Session Limits
C. RADIUS Authorization Profile
D. RADIUS Change of Authorization
Correct Answer: D

Where on the Mobility Master (MM) can an administrator configure the VIA connection profile?
A. User Roles
B. L3 Authentication
C. AAA Profiles
D. L2 Authentication
Correct Answer: B

A company opens a new branch office and a RAP is used to connect to a corporate office Aruba Mobility Controller
(MC). The company needs to provide connectivity to the office across the street. There is an AP across the street.
there is no wired connectivity between the buildings.
Which actions can the administrator select to provide the required connectivity? (Choose two.)
A. Implement two mesh clusters.
B. Provision the RAP as a Remote Mesh Portal.
C. Provision all APs at the branch offices as Mesh Points.
D. Provision all APs at the branch offices as Mesh Portals.
E. Implement one of the APS as a Mesh Point.
Correct Answer: BC

An administrator needs to apply a patch to an Aruba environment to implement improvements for AirWatch. What is the
Aruba recommended approach for this process without a reboot?
A. Upgrade the AirMatch Loadable Service Module (LSM) on the Mobility Master.
B. Upgrade the ArubaOS by the use of Live Upgrades (in-service upgrades).
C. Upgrade the AirMatch Loadable Service Module (LSM) on each Mobility Controller.
D. Create controller partitions to minimize downtime.
Correct Answer: A

An administrator enables AP load balancing for a cluster of Mobility Controllers (MCs). APS connected to the cluster
have an LMS IP address configured in their AP Group configuration. No other parameters are changed in the cluster. If
the two load AP thresholds are reached, what occurs?
A. The users and APs are rebalanced across the cluster.
B. The APS is rebalanced across the cluster.
C. The users are rebalanced across the cluster.
D. The APS always stays connected to the LMS IP address configured in the AP Group profile.
Correct Answer: D

An administrator supports an Aruba wireless solution that uses ClearPass to implement server role assignments. A user
reports that they are not able to access the correct department resources. The administrator determines from the
connected controller that the user is associated with the login user profile instead of the department user profile.
What should the administrator examine on the ClearPass server to determine the Aruba VSA User Role value that
ClearPass returns to the controller?
A. Accounting
B. Audit Viewer
C. Event Viewer
D. Access Tracker
Correct Answer: D

An administrator manages an Aruba wireless network. ClearPass is used to centralize AAA functions. The administrator
wants to implement server role derivation.
Which information will the ClearPass server return in regard to the user role assignment?
A. RADIUS VSA Firewall-Role
B. Aruba VSA Aruba-User-Role
D. Aruba VSA Firewall-Role
Correct Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit.braindump4it HPE6-A71 exam questions q11

An administrator wants to verify the operation of MultiZone in a network. The administrator uses the command to show ap
debug multizone to generate the output shown in the exhibit. Based on the output, which statement is true?
A. Zone 1 is the primary zone, and zone 0 is the data zone.
B. The MultiZone APs are in a cluster.
C. The maximum VAPs in the MultiZone is 15.
D. The primary zone has limited the data zone to one WLAN.
Correct Answer: D

An administrator adds local administrative accounts to manage the Aruba Mobility Controllers (MCs). Which role should
be assigned to an administrator who needs to only generate reports and monitor WLANS and ports?
A. root
B. network-operations
C. location-API-management
D. AP-provisioning
Correct Answer: B

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