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Which software-defined storage (SDS) product is optimized for virtual deployments?
A. HPE StoreVirtual
C. HPE StoreServ
Correct Answer: A

A customer requests phone home support for the company’s HPE StoreVirtual storage platform Which HPE tool should you recommend?
A. HPE Insight Remote Support
B. HPE Service Processor Onsite Customer Care
C. HPE OneView
D. HPE SAN Visibility
Correct Answer: C

You need to document and performance tunes a customer’s storage infrastructure with an environment that covers the full HPE portfolio. Which management tool can be used to identify backup bottlenecks in the customer’s environment?
A. HPE Navigator
B. HPE SAN Visibility
C. HPE Data Protector Reporter
Correct Answer: C
QUESTION 4                   HPE0-J74
Which task can you perform using the HPE Server Smart Update tool?
A. update the HPE 3PAR OS Suite
B. update the firmware of HPE StoreFabrics HBAs
C. update the HPE SN6000C 8 Gb Fibre Channel Switch OS
D. configure a basic HPE StoreServ 3PAR
Correct Answer: B

Which operating systems support space reclamation? (Select two.)
A. Microsoft Windows 2003 SP2
B. SLES 9 x
C. Microsoft Windows Server 2012
D. VMware vSphere (ESXi) 5 x
E. Ubuntu 12 x
Correct Answer: CD

You are meeting with a small SMB customer to discuss the requirements of a new storage solution The customer tells you that they require a new consolidated platform to provide file storage with built-in deduplication for no more than 20 Microsoft Windows users The customer has limited Budget and IT skills.
With which HPE product should you start the conversation?
A. HPE StoreOnce
B. HPE StoreVirtual
C. HPE StoreServ
D. HPE StoreEasy
Correct Answer: D

You are reviewing an HPE 3PAR solution with a customer who is very interested in space optimization.
What is important emphasize during the presentation?
A. HP 3PAR Data Optimization Software
B. HP 3PAR System Reporter
C. HP 3PAR Adaptive Flash Cache
D. HP 3PAR Thin Technologies
Correct Answer: D

Which service is used in a NAS environment, but not a SAN environment?
A. block access services
B. direct access services
C. object access services
D. file access services
Correct Answer: D

Which HPE Storage product uses deduplication technology designed by HPE Labs?
B. HPE storeOnce
C. HPE StoreEasy
D. HPE StoreEver
Correct Answer: B

What are benefits of the HPE StoreServ 3PAR architecture? (Select two.)
A. provides silicon-based hardware acceleration of thin technologies
B. supports direct SAS connection for up to four servers
C. provides iSCSI-based asyncronous remote replication
D. provides a meshed cluster architecture
E. scales out to meet small and medium-size business virtualization needs
Correct Answer: AC

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A network architect is planning a complete access layer and core upgrade for customer’s campus LAN. The campus has four large buildings, each requiring between 1000 and 3000 edge ports. Which factor will play a primary role in determining whether the network architect needs to plan a two-tier or three-tier topology for the campus LAN?
A. The number of fiber links between each building and the building where the core switches reside
B. Whether the customer requires a wireless solution
C. The high number of edge ports that the solution requires
D. Whether the customer can afford core switches that support intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF)
Correct Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit.
The exhibit shows a proposed design for a data center network infrastructure. The exhibit shows two racks for simplicity. The data center will actually include more racks.
The customer has these key requirements:
The customer can scale any application and easily install new hardware that supports that application
The network supports vMotion for live migration of virtual machine (VMs)
How should the network architect change the proposed design to meet the customer requirements?
A. Replace the rack servers with blade enclosures
B. Add more links between the servers and the access layer
C. Remove routing from the access layer and extend VLANs to multiple racks
D. Add a distribution layer between the access layer and the core
Correct Answer: A

A network architect is explaining the differences between deploying two switches in an HP Intelligent Resiliency Framework (IRF) virtual switch and deploying two switches that implement standard Virtual Routing Redundancy Protocol (VRRP). Which statement correctly describes an advantage of IRF?
A. IRF failover occurs in 3 to 4 seconds, whereas VRPF failover occurs in 10 or more seconds
B. Unlike VRRP, which requires as least two addresses to be listed. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) scopes list a single IP address for the default gateway
C. The IRF virtual switch runs a separate routing in each member, which enhances the redundancy and reliability of the overall solution
D. Multiple IRF members can actively route traffic for the same subnet and use the same IP address and routing control plane
Correct Answer: D

Which data center characteristics should specifically make the architect consider switches that support Shortest Path Bridging (SPB) or Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (TRILL)?
A. The customer requires redundancy and resiliency for the two data center routing switches
B. The customer requires high-speed routing between front-end servers and database servers in different subnets
C. The virtualized data center supports several thousand virtual machines (VMs) with a two-tier networking infrastructure topology
D. The data center requires many redundant links and must scale the tens of thousands of virtual (VMs)
Correct Answer: A

A customer wants a simple solution for deploying virtual services at a branch. Which devices support modules running a VMware ESXi hypervisor? (Select two)
A. HP 2920 Switch SeriesB. HP MSR30 Router Series
C. HP 5400 zl Switch Series
D. HP 7500 Switch Series
E. HP VSR1000 Virtual Services Routers
Correct Answer: BC

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