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You need to display data on a new form. What should you do?
A. Add a data source and create a design.
B. Add a data source and set a caption.
C. Add a data source and create a method.
D. Add a form part and set a caption.
Correct Answer: A

A form data source is the database query, table, or view that a form uses to retrieve the data that is displayed by the form. The data source also defines a connection to the Application Object Server (AOS) that the form can use to MB6-704 dumps create, update, or delete database records.
A data design element (controls) displays data on a form.
Not B: A data source has no caption.
You have a table named Vend Table that contains a field named Main Contact Worker. Main Contact Worker is the reference Recid. Many records in the Vend Table table have the same value for Main Contact Worker.
Users frequently search for data in the Vend Table table based on the Main Contact Worker field.
You need to ensure that when the users create queries that include the Main Contact Worker field in the where clause, the query results are returned in the least amount of time possible.
What should you create in Vend Table?
A. A unique index in Main Contact Worker
B. A surrogate key that is used as the primary index
C. A primary index for Main Contact Worker
D. A non-unique index in Main Contact Worker
Correct Answer: B

For new tables the default is a primary key based on the MB6-704 pdf RecId field. This is represented as the surrogate.

You have two tables named Table l and Table2. There is a relationship between the tables.
You need to display data from both tables in a form.
How should you create the data source for the form?
A. Add both tables to a perspective and use the perspective as the data source.
B. Create a new table named Table3 that is related to Table l and Table2. Use Tables as the data source.
C. Add both tables to a map and use the map as the data source.
D. Add both tables to a query and use the query as the data source.
Correct Answer: D

You can add parent and child data sources to a query.
Add multiple data sources to a query
1. In the Application Object Tree (AOT), click Queries, locate the query you want to add data sources to, and then click the query node. For information about create queries, see Accessing Data.
2. Right-click Data Dictionary, and then click Open New Window.
3. Drag a table, map, or view from the new window to the Data Sources node below the query node to add a parent data source.
4. Click the parent data source, and then drag a table, map, or view from the new window to the Data Sources node below the parent data source to add a child data source.
5. Specify how the parent and child data sources are joined by setting the JoinMode property on the child data source
6. Create a relationship between the data sources.

Incorrect: Not C: Maps define X++ elements that wrap table objects at run time. With a map, you associate a map field with a field in one or more tables. This enables you to use the same field name to ac- cess fields with different names in different tables. Map methods enable you to create or modify methods that act on the map fields.

You enable a feature for a Dynamics AX instance. What should you use?
A. An extensible data security (XDS) policy
B. A configuration key
C. The Table Permissions Framework (TPF)
D. A security key
Correct Answer: B

The administrator can enable or disable configuration keys to control the MB6-704 vce features and functional- ity that are available in Microsoft Dynamics AX.
Not A: XDS is a powerful mechanism that allows the ability to express and implement complex data security needs.

You need to add a menu item to a list page. To which pane should you add the menu item?
A. Preview
B. Action
C. Filter
D. Fact Box
Correct Answer: B

An action pane and action pane strip is a collection of buttons that represent the tasks and opera- tions associated with a Microsoft Dynamics AX form.
The action pane buttons access menu items that are defined in the AOT.
When you add a button to an action pane button group, the application object tree (AOT) enables you to select the following types of buttons:
Command button
Menu item button
Menu button

Which statement accurately describes a model in Dynamic AX?
A. A model can be used to group other models.
B. A model can group elements at multiple layers.
C. A model can group elements only at a specific layer.
D. An element that exists only in one layer can be in multiple models in the same layer.
Correct Answer: C

A model is a set of elements in a given layer. Each layer consists of one or more models. Each layer contains one system-generated model that is specific to that layer. Every element in a layer belongs to MB6-704 exam only one model. In other words, no element can belong to two models in the same layer, and every element must belong to a model.
Models were introduced in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 to help partners and customers more easily install and maintain multiple solutions side by side in the same layer.

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