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Joe, a backup administrator, wants to implement a solution that will reduce the restoration time of physical servers.
Which of the following is the BEST method for Joe to use?
A. Differential
B. Incremental
C. Full
D. Snapshots
Correct Answer: C


During a recent audit, it was discovered that many services and desktops were missing security patches. Which of the
following BEST describes the assessment that was performed to discover this issue?
A. Network mapping
B. Vulnerability scan
C. Port Scan
D. Protocol analysis
Correct Answer: B


A security analyst is reviewing the following packet capture of an attack directed at a company\\’s server located in the

[2021.3] lead4pass sy0-501 practice test q3

Which of the following ACLs provides the BEST protection against the above attack and any further attacks from the same IP, while minimizing service interruption?
B. Deny UDP from to
C. Deny IP from to
D. Deny TCP from to
Correct Answer: D


A security administrator has replaced the firewall and notices a number of dropped connections. After looking at the
data the security administrator sees the following information that was flagged as a possible issue:
“SELECT * FROM” and `1\\’=\\’1\\’
Which of the following can the security administrator determine from this?
A. An SQL injection attack is being attempted
B. Legitimate connections are being dropped
C. A network scan is being done on the system
D. An XSS attack is being attempted
Correct Answer: A


During an incident, a company\\’s CIRT determines it is necessary to observe the continued network-based transactions
between a callback domain and the malware running on an enterprise PC. Which of the following techniques would be
BEST to enable this activity while reducing the risk of lateral spread and the risk that the adversary would notice any
A. Physically move the PC to a separate Internet point of presence.
B. Create and apply microsegmentation rules.
C. Emulate the malware in a heavily monitored DMZ segment.
D. Apply network blacklisting rules for the adversary domain.
Correct Answer: BA


Which of the following access management concepts is MOST closely associated with the use of a password or PIN??
A. Authorization
B. Authentication
C. Accounting
D. Identification
Correct Answer: B


A company exchanges information with a business partner. An annual audit of the business partner is conducted
against the SLA in order to verify:
A. Performance and service delivery metrics
B. Backups are being performed and tested
C. Data ownership is being maintained and audited
D. Risk awareness is being adhered to and enforced
Correct Answer: A


Which of the following cryptography algorithms will produce a fixed-length, irreversible output?
D. MD5
Correct Answer: D
Exam B


To help prevent one job role from having sufficient access to create, modify, and approve payroll data, which of the
following practices should be employed?
A. Least privilege
B. Job rotation
C. Background checks
D. Separation of duties
Correct Answer: D


A forensic analyst is asked to respond to an ongoing network attack on a server. Place the items in the list below in the
correct order in which the forensic analyst should preserve them.
Select and Place:
Correct Answer:

[2021.3] lead4pass sy0-501 practice test q10 [2021.3] lead4pass sy0-501 practice test q10-1

When dealing with multiple issues, address them in order of volatility (OOV); always deal with the most volatile first.
Volatility can be thought of as the amount of time that you have to collect certain data before a window of opportunity is
Naturally, in an investigation, you want to collect everything, but some data will exist longer than others, and you cannot
possibly collect all of it once. As an example, the OOV in an investigation may be RAM, hard drive data, CDs/DVDs,
Order of volatility: Capture system images as a snapshot of what exists, look at network traffic and logs, capture any
relevant video/screenshots/hashes, record time offset on the systems, talk to witnesses and track total man-hours and
expenses associated with the investigation.


A manager makes an unannounced visit to the marketing department and performs a walk-through of the office. The
manager observes unclaimed documents on printers. A closer look at these documents reveals employee names,
addresses ages, birth dates, marital/dependent statuses, and favorite ice cream flavors. The manager brings this to the
attention of the marketing department head. The manager believes this information to be Pll, but the marketing head
does not agree. Having reached a stalemate, which of the following is the most appropriate action to take NEXT?
A. Elevate to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for redress, change from the top down usually succeeds.
B. Find the privacy officer in the organization and let the officer act as the arbiter.
C. Notify employees whose names are on these files that their personal information is being compromised.
D. To maintain a working relationship with marketing, quietly record the incident in the risk register.
Correct Answer: B


Ann. An employee in the payroll department has contacted the help desk citing multiple issues with her device,
including Slow performance Word documents, PDFs, and images no longer opening A pop-up Ann states the issues
began after she opened an invoice that a vendor emailed to her. Upon opening the invoice, she had to click several
security warnings to view it in her word processor.
With which of the following is the device MOST likely infected?
A. Spyware
B. Crypto-malware
C. Rootkit
D. Backdoor
Correct Answer: D


A network administrator is setting up wireless access points in all the conference rooms and wants to authenticate
devices using PKI. Which of the following should the administrator configure?
A. A captive portal
C. 802.1X
Correct Answer: C

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