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Which of the following is False? PRINCE2 PRACTITIONER Exam Material and Real Exam Questions And Answers
A Successful project management team should.
A. Have business, user and supplier stakeholder representation
B. Never be reviewed as members should stay with the team for the duration
C. Ensure appropriate governance by defining responsibilities for directing, managing and delivering the project and clearly defining accountability at all levels
D. Have an effective strategy to manage communication flows to and from stakeholders
Answer: B

Which of the following statements is true of the business interest on the project?
A. Ensures the project provides value for money
B. Ensures the requirements for the project are defined
C. Ensures the products produced meet the desired quality
D. Represents the users of the product
Answer: A
Which of the following represents the four key characteristics a good Project board should display?
A. Authority, Credibility, Commitment, Availability
B. Authority, Credibility, Delegation, Availability
C. Authority, Availability, Connections, Delegation
D. Authority, Credibility, Connections, Delegation
Answer: B

In which Management product would the PRINCE2 PRACTITIONER exam Project Board specify where the authority for change requests lies?
A. Risk Management Strategy
B. Quality Management Strategy
C. Communication Strategy
D. Configuration Management Strategy
Answer: D

Who is responsible for ensuring that Communication Management Strategy is appropriate and that planned communication activities actually take place?
A. Project Assurance
B. Project Manager
C. Corporate or Programme Management
D. Project Support
Answer: A

Which statement best explains the purpose of Tailor to suit the project environment?
A. Ensure project controls are based on project’s scale, complexity, importance, capability and risk
B. To use a set of pre-defined templates for the size of project
C. To tailor the use of the principles to suit the project
D. To pick which PRINCE2 processes to apply and which to leave out
Answer: A

The Manage by Exception principle sets tolerances for PRINCE2 PRACTITIONER pdf six areas of the project, Time. Cost and Quality are three of them, what are the other three?
A. Scope, People & Resources, Benefit
B. Scope, Risk, Product
C. Risk, Benefit, Product
D. Scope, Risk, Benefit

Which of the following statements describes an outcome?
A. Any of the projects specialist products
B. A result of the change derived from using the project’s products
C. A measurable improvement resulting from a change
D. Something perceived as advantages by a stakeholder
Answer: B

When considering the business options in the PRINCE2 PRACTITIONER vce business case, which of these is NOT an option?
A. Do nothing
B. Do the maximum
C. Do the minimum
D. Do something
Answer: B

Which of the following statements is TRUE with regard to expected benefits?
A. They cannot be assigned
B. They don’t need to follow corporate objectives
C. They should be measurable
D. Tolerances cannot be set against expected benefits
Answer: C

Who is responsible for ensuring that the value-for-money solution is constantly reassessed?
A. Business Assurance
B. Senior User
C. Corporate or Programme Management
D. Reject Support
Answer: A

Which of the following activities is the PRINCE2 PRACTITIONER dumps Executive responsible for?
A. Ensure the desired outcome of the project is specified
B. Responsible for the benefits review plan
C. Assess and update the Business Case at the end of each stage
D. Responsible for the Benefits Review Plan post project
Answer: B

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