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A company is required to move its human resources application to the cloud to reduce capital expenses. The IT team
does a feasibility analysis and learns the application requires legacy infrastructure and cannot be moved to the cloud.
Which of the following is the MOST appropriate cloud migration approach for the company?
A. Lift and shift
B. Hybrid
C. Rip and replace
D. In-place upgrade
Correct Answer: B

A cloud systems administrator needs to log in to a remote Linux server that is hosted in a public cloud. Which of the
following protocols will the administrator MOST likely use?
C. Secure Shell
D. Virtual network computing
Correct Answer: C

A project manager must inform the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the additional resources necessary to migrate
services to the cloud successfully.
Which of the following cloud assessments would be MOST appropriate to use for the recommendation?
A. Feasibility study
B. Gap analysis
C. Future requirements
D. Baseline report
Correct Answer: B

An organization wants to migrate a locally hosted application to a PaaS model. The application currently runs on a
15-year-old operating system and cannot be upgraded.
Which of the following should the organization perform to ensure the application will be supported in the cloud?
A. Risk register
B. Feasibility study
C. Benchmarks
D. Baseline
Correct Answer: B

A company has been running tests on a newly developed algorithm to increase the responsiveness of the application.
The company\\’s monthly bills for the testing have been much higher than expected.
Which of the following documents should the company examine FIRST?
A. Memory report
B. Compute report
C. Network report
D. Storage report
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following types of risk is MOST likely to be associated with moving all data to one cloud provider?
A. Vendor lock-in
B. Data portability
C. Network connectivity
D. Data sovereignty
Correct Answer: A

A small business is engaged with a cloud provider to migrate from on-premises CRM software. The contract includes
fixed costs associated with the product. Which of the following variable costs must be considered?
A. Time to market
B. Operating expenditure fees
C. BYOL costs
D. Human capital
Correct Answer: D

A company is moving to the cloud and wants to enhance the provisioning of computing, storage, security, and networking.
Which of the following will be leveraged?
A. Infrastructure as code
B. Infrastructure templates
C. Infrastructure orchestration
D. Infrastructure automation
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following services would restrict connectivity to cloud resources?
A. Security lists
B. Firewall
D. Intrusion detection system
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following is an example of outsourcing administration in the context of the cloud?
A. Managed services
B. Audit by a third party
C. Community support
D. Premium support
Correct Answer: A

A cloud administrator configures a server to insert an entry into a log file whenever an administrator logs in to the server
remotely. Which of the following BEST describes the type of policy is used?
A. Audit
B. Authorization
C. Hardening
D. Access
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following can be used by a client\\’s finance department to identify the cost of cloud use in a public cloud
environment shared by different projects and departments?
A. Reserved instances
B. Service level agreement
C. Resource tagging
D. RFI from the CSP
Correct Answer: C

A company with critical resources in the cloud needs to ensure data is available in multiple data centers around the
Which of the following BEST meets the company\\’s needs?
A. Auto-scaling
B. Geo-redundancy
C. Disaster recovery
D. High availability
Correct Answer: B

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